Awkward conversation

Mind : Why you always be like that? Such inconsistent!
Me : Really? Am I?
Mind : Yes, how could you never realize that. You changes everything in seconds.
Me : Yeah, you possibly right about that.
Mind : You have to change it. You know it's a bad habit.
Me : But, how if i'm under pressure?
Mind : What kind of pressure, huh?
Me : Many pressures. When others said about these and those. Don't you know how confusing is that?
Mind : Yeah absolutely i know it because i think it for you. But you have to have your own opinion and stand strongly with yours!
Me : Wait, you say that you're the one who think for me. So, who's actually need to change? It's you! Because you think and decide every problems that i got.
Mind : Well, you're right. But i guess you should be blamed too.
Me : Me? For what?
Mind : For arguing with your own mind. You such a....
Me : Okay, i got it. Please don't continue that! We both should change.

An awkward conversation, I recently realize this. The point is, bad habits should gone! Just ignore the awkward conversation above.


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