"Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut"
Simple Plan - Astronaut

The clouds changes its direction because it always follow the wind. The clouds just go easily, blown by the wind. It's been too long since i followed the direction of the wind. Have no clue about where it'll go. Even some of the wind have its own path, sometimes it may change because of bad climates. It sometimes blow me to such odd place. Full of human, but no life. It was living a life in silence. The silence that gonna kill you softly. See? Lonely isn't always happen when you're alone, but it often happens when you're with others. To be forgotten, deleted from the memory. Screaming, calling for help but i have no sound. Or maybe they just deaf of me? There's one thing that should be remembered, you never be alone or feeling lonely, even the astronaut got some crews, rite? Think positive and husnudzan


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