What Are You?

We all do have hopes and dreams. And those might be our motivation to continue our living. But, there are times when (I) realize that those hopes and dreams so far away from reality. Then (I) end up thinking, "Should (I) be a realistic or be a dreamer who might be lost in (her) dream? Ah, though many said that "Nothing is impossible." But still, how long will (I) survive in this kind of daydream? It's kinda tiring.

Being a realistic is fine, because (I) may have a very stable life with less problems because (I) already knew the situation and could predict it, so (I) could avoid having more problems that could make (my) life more miserable. But (I) might get bored with those stable life and dissatisfied of (my) own life. By being a dreamer, life's like an adventure. Keep trying and chasing for the uncertainty, but when the time comes, it sure be a very happy life when (my) dreams all come true. Ah, (my) life wasn't that good to be a dreamer.

But then again, rather than blaming the world and situation, "Why (I) haven't got closer to my dreams? I've been waiting for ages.". Better take a look at (my)self, 
have (I) done enough for your dreams?
Have (I) tried to make it true?
Have (I) tried it?
Have (I) made a real plan to reach your goals?
Have (I) get over (my) boundaries of fear?
Have (I)? Have (you)?

Then, have (you) decided what are you wanna be? A dreamer or a realistic one?


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