Children of Men -- Movie Review is Back!

Children of Men Movie PosterWuts! Wassup? It's been a long time since I post something that full of 'fun' haha. So now, I'm gonna make a movie review about a movie that I recently watched. It's not a new movie but still good to watch. And the title is "Children of Men".

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director : Alfonso Cuaron
Stars : Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, etc
IMDb Rating : 7.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes : 92%, 8/10 average

Have you ever heard? It was published in 2006, but poor me, I just happen to watch in 2015. The first time I read the title, I kinda curious about the story. What is it about? Is it about a bunch of kids who grew up? (just like Boyhood movie in 2014), or what? But when I looked at the poster, It was definitely not like that. The story's setting is in 2027, where there are no babies, children or even teenager in this whole world, not even one. Can you imagine that? A world that full of adults and elderly? When there are no babies or children, it means that there's no one who's going to continue living in this world, means that this is the end of the world. Totally the end. The situation at that time was clearly a mess. People were so desperate, even there's a commercial about the 'poison' who would brought you to dead in their television! Sounds creepy, right? The world sure is in chaos.

The main story in this movie is simple, delivering someone to the other side of the country. Sounds so simple but not as simple as that. Delivering one pregnant women when there's not even a single pregnant women on earth for years is not easy. Could they ever make it? Just watch it! (lol)

By the way, this movie's graphic is so awesome! I really driven away by the situation of the movie. I can't believe it was made in 2006. It just so good. The movie also taught me to be more grateful of what I have. And try to make the world a good place because you know that we don't live forever, death will sure come to us. So we must be prepare for it. Preparing the next generation to continue the living on earth and also preparing the earth so it could be worth living for our next generation.

I can say that this movie is so good and worth watching, but still I feel unsatisfied with the ending (spoiler alert!) because, for me, I really want to know what will happen next, but the movie just 'stop' like that fufu.

Overall, this movie is so good! I know that my review this time is so freaking bad and wouldn't help at all. But, you should watch it! Happy watching :D


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