Growing Up

Growing up

To be mature, it's not just a matter of your age. But it could be seen in your way of thinking, and the way you act. I thought that we can always be a child. As we grow up, we need to face the fact that the world also 'force' you to be mature. But i guess it's really not easy. There's too much things to handle in this tiny hands, too much to think in this tiny brain, and too much to consider by this fragile heart. This is just too much.

Now I know why Peterpan don't want to grow up.
You're not only dealing with your basic needs problem, but you also have to deal with others, because as an adult, now you're clearly representing yourself as an individual in the society. Because you need to shape yourself at least to be fit in and socialize with your surroundings. Which is, could be hard for some people. We all gonna be an adult, but not all of us be 'mature'. Yes, we need experience in order to learn how to be mature and better. But, sometimes all of these felt so hard to be handled.

But what can we do? 
Try to convince yourself that this is going to be okay, you're going to go through this, this is just a process that you should get through. Try to stay positive, and if you have friends or even people to share with, just share your thoughts and don't let depression get into you! Those tiny little monster can eat you if you're not ready. Also, don't forget about your purpose on living. I guess this is quite important to keep you moving on. Try to calm down, and take your own time away from other people. Take a break from this crowded world, take a deep breath and enjoy the time.

Life is not always easy, it is full of ups and downs, but this is depend on how you face it and how you cope with all shits that happen to your life. Enjoy it and try to stay positive :)


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