Cumberbatch and Marriage?!

Cumberbatch does break many hearts this year

Including me, haha

Here comes the bride and the groom

It's a great news comes from Cumberbatch that he has been engaged to Sophia Hunter and they will get married. It has been officially announced in the paper. Kinda happy, but a little bit sad too. Happy for him and her for their future marriage.The reason why I'm being sad is not making sense. Why would I be sad about? That I may lose my chance of getting closer to him? Actually, I got no chance at all, haha. Actually, there's no reason to be sad about his marriage. As a good person, I congratulate him and Sophie! Have a good life for both of you in the future.. Can't wait to see your children *eh *what is this all about?!?!*

By the way, seeing people getting married, I'm kinda amazed. I really amazed with people who have been ready to get married, you know it's not a simple thing. Having a new life, sharing your life with other people, in fact. It's really big deal. I wonder when will I attend my friends' wedding and when will they attend to mine, haha. The biggest question is, "who will be standing next to you in the wedding?" I wonder who, and I wonder when. Just wait till the time come. You know, a proverb says that "There will be time for everything." So, let's just wait and get your self ready,guys! By the way, it's a rare for me to think about this, but thanks to Cumberbatch for reminding me that there's a life phase called "marriage".

Okay, enough about marriage this time.
Can't wait to receive your wedding invitation guys!


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