About Time-


It was raining today, and it was so fantastic. I've missed the rain so much

Yes, today was raining. It was quite big, but it was okay. Luckily, there was no storm like yesterday, Alhamdulillah thank Allah for all this bless.

Today, i was thinking about something. Maybe it was so useless but it was really worth for me. The main problem was time. And it will always be. Time would always define us from our activity in this world (in other world, Allah has other counting that we can't guess). Everything you do. Breath, talk, walk, feel, eat, sleep, study, read and many more.

Time can be your friends, but also your enemy

What do you think about that? Is it true? I guess, yes it is. Time can be our friends when we were so diligent, we did everything early so time wouldn't catch after us. But it was our enemy when we were so lazy to do everything. So time has two personality.  It's depend on us to choose.

I wish i had a time machine

 Unfortunately, time won't go back, and it won't stop. Sometimes, i wish that i had a time machine so i could go back to the past and change bad things in the past. But in fact, I didn't! The past will always be the past. 

Time's flying by, and wait for no man

Time's flying by so fast! Absolutely! I feel like i was a child but actually i'm in a high school now. Sometimes i ask to my self, am i good enough to be a teenager? an adult? It feels like it was yesterday i played with my childhood friends but now i'm a high-schooler. It was so fast. I feel like i'm not ready for all these things, they kinda rats. College things, office things am i ready for this? the answer is in the time. I hope i can through this all.

One worth lesson that i got today is, don't waste your time, it's all useful. Love your time, cause you'll regret when you lose your worth time. Ok, i got it!

By the way, I was so happy today, to meet people who laugh with me, smile and share their happiness with me. I dunno, i just feel like their smile could make me strong. So keep smile guys! Don't shed a tear for useless things :) he he



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