Spoof - The lost ring

Hey, is it kind of spoof? Tell me if this story's funny! Just read it.


Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a man and his wife who lived happily. But they were poor. The man was just an employee in a small company. And his wife just a housewife. 

One day the man went home happily. He wanted to give his wife a present. When he arrived home, he said to his wife, “I have bought something for you!”

“Oh, thank you!” said his wife. “What have you bought?”
“Before I show you, I want you to close your eyes and don’t open it until I say open. Okay?” said the man.
“Oh I see. So do you want to make it as a surprise? Okay, I’ll close my eyes.” said his wife
“I have bought a gold ring. Here it is!”
Then he held it out and let his wife to open her eyes. Then he accidentally dropped it.
“Oh dear!” he said
“I have dropped it.”

He began to look for it on the floor but it was dark inside the house so he couldn’t see anything. Then, he went outside the house and began to look for the ring in the street. Just then, a friend came along.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” he asked
“I have lost a ring,” said the man
“Where did you lose it?”
“I lost it inside my house.”
“You lost your ring inside your house, but you are looking for it outside in the street! That seems very foolish!”
“Ah” said the man. “But it is dark inside my house. I will never find it there. But here in the street is lighter and I can see more clearly.”

Do you think it's kind of spoof or funny story? Just tell me!

Taken from : My english course book (i forgot the title --')


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